Fire Commission Report Asks U.S. Administration, Academy

Issue 6 and Volume 126.

Fire Commission Report Asks U.S. Administration, Academy The establishment of a United States fire administration and a national fire academy are among the recommendations made to President Nixon in the final report of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. The commission, which is ending its legislated two-year existence, stressed fire prevention as the area offering the largest return for time and money spent on reducing the nation’s fire losses, both human and material. The report also emphasized the need for massive education of everyone, from children to oldsters, in how to prevent fires and how to react when fire threatens. Furthermore, the commission declared, there is great need for research in both fire behavior and better fire equipment and extinguishing agents. 1 State and local governments must provide matching participation. 2 $26 million does not include the current fire research budgets of federal agencies. Funds shown here would…

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