Fire Fighting Operations In Sprinklered Buildings

Issue 6 and Volume 126.

Fire Fighting Operations In Sprinklered Buildings The Volunteers Corner With the construction of more and more factories, warehouses and highrise buildings in suburban and rural areas, sprinklers are the concern of fire departments everywhere—not just in cities. If you do nothing else, you should definitely pre-fire plan any sprinklered building to the extent of determining the source and adequacy of the water supply for the sprinkler system and also for hose lines, learning if all or only part of the building is sprinklered, finding out what means of ventilation can be used and issuing general orders for the initial fire fighting operations. The need for other orders regarding the sprinkler system at a specific building would be limited by special conditions, such as a long lay to the fire department connection (sprinkler Siamese), the need to draft or the necessity of protecting an exposed unsprinklered section of the building. The…

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