Signaling Systems for Fires And Supervisory Purposes

Issue 6 and Volume 126.

Signaling Systems for Fires And Supervisory Purposes Industrial Fire Safety Automatic, supervised alarm systems are another facet of industrial fire protection that should be considered as a means of reducing fire losses. A fire starts and electric bells and water motor gongs sound as a result of water flow or other detection devices. Is the signal heard? The loss records show that many times the signal will not be heard because there are neither workers nor a watchman in the plant. The alarm signal should be transmitted automatically to a receiving agency to ensure response to the fire. Sprinkler water flow alarms are installed in sprinkler risers and operate when water flows through the system piping. This flow can be the result of a fused sprinkler head, ruptured pipe or system leak. There are various types of water flow devices, and they are usually designed to transmit an alarm when…

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