From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 6 and Volume 126.

From the Publisher’s Desk Fire Engineering Covered the Commission Beginning with “Bland Heads Fire Commission” and ending with “Fire Commission Report Asks U.S. Administration, Academy,” which dominates this issue, Fire Engineering has published—in the past 19 months—six major articles and a number of minor ones on the doings of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. Our editors gave this heavy coverage because they felt that the establishment of the commission was the biggest thing that ever hit the fire service, that the fire service should be fully aware of its activities, and that the commission’s findings and recommendations would have far-reaching effects on the fire service. It was only natural, then, that Fire Engineering should publish the digest and comprehensive analysis of the commission’s report to President Nixon that you now have in your hand. Dick Sylvia locked himself in his office for two weeks to do this…

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