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Issue 9 and Volume 126.

Films Available THE ALARMING PROBLEM, Fire Service Extension, Fire Service Building, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50010; color, 14 minutes; $150, 16mm or 8mm cassette. The problems of fire alarm systems in buildings is the subject of this film, which stresses the need for a distinct interior fire alarm sound that is standard throughout the nation. The value of voice communications systems to aid in evacuating buildings is also among the problems covered in the movie. HIGH-RISE BUILDING FIRE, National Fire Protection Association, 60 Battery march Street, Boston, Mass. 02110; black and white, 7 minutes; $110. The spectacular fire in the 31-story Sao Paulo, Brazil, building and the rooftop rescues by helicopters are shown in this film. Scenes show the rapid exterior fire spread to upper floors.

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