Issue 9 and Volume 126.

FIRE ENGINEERING THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 IN THIS ISSUE 85 The Editor’s Opinion Page 86 Through 100 Years of Service to IAFC Centennial Conference 93 The Baltimore Conflagration 97 Tests Indicate Venting Increases Smoke From Some Polymeries 98 3 California Cities Plan Automatic 1st-Alarm Aid 99 Lessons From One N.Y. Plaza 104 Chiefs Must Recruit Minorities 106 How Chiefs Kill Fire Fighters 109 Development of Command Post to Handle Major Emergencies 112 First Step in Pa. for Commission 114 Engines Adapted to Make Up for the Missing Manpower 116 IAFC Conference in Baltimore 118 IAFC Conference Personalities 125 Exhibits and Where They Are 128 Streams Limit Tank Collapse in Jersey Oil Terminal Fire 140 Multicompany Drill Gives Experience in Big Operations 131 Where to Buy—1973 Equipment Directory DEPARTMENTS 6 Letters to the Editor 14 The Volunteers Corner Training session preparation 51 Industrial Fire Safety Fire…

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