Modern Architecture —New Fire Problems

Issue 10 and Volume 126.

Modern Architecture —New Fire Problems High-rise buildings have been the glamor subject at fire service conferences in recent years, but modern architectural and construction trends have introduced the fire service to other problems of equal importance. The high-rise has been in major cities for longer than today’s fire fighters can remember, but the shopping mall and the atrium—that unusually high, open area in the center of a large building—are challenges that fire fighters are meeting in increasing frequency. These newest problems, as well as the old, which are invading small towns and large cities, were scrutinized by speakers at a seminar sponsored by the New York Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and the Eastern States Building Officials Federation in New York City last February 28. How fire protection was provided in a hotel with an atrium was explained by John Street of John Portmann Associates. The hotel…

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