Commission Member Views National Fire Priorities

Issue 10 and Volume 126.

Commission Member Views National Fire Priorities America’s attitude toward fire safety is one of ignorance and indifference, an attitude remarkedly out of phase with our normal reaction to a severe social-medical-property problem. Congress recognized this strange national aberration and authorized in 1968 formation of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. The commission became operational in 1971 and during the two years of its life, heard more than 100 witnesses and reached the conclusion that a fundamental change of emphasis from fire suppression to fire prevention, in conjunction with our other recommendations, would lead to a 50 percent reduction in deaths, injuries, and property losses within a generation. Within a five-year period our recommendations would, we believe, result in: A total saving of 8000 lives; A total reduction of injuries by 210,000; Property savings totaling $1.9 billion; Hospital and medical costs reduced by $85 million. These savings, it should…

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