How People React to Fire Casts Doubts on Training

Issue 11 and Volume 126.

How People React to Fire Casts Doubts on Training Training occupants in how to get out of a building during a fire apparently has little effect on their actions in an actual fire situation, according to conclusions of a research project conducted for the British Fire Research Station. Another disturbing conclusion reported was the high percentage of occupants who returned to burning buildings. Data was collected through interviews and questionnaires covering nearly 1000 fires and more than 2000 persons involved in them. The research was conducted by Peter G. Wood, a research fellow at the Loughborough University of Technology, who reported his findings in an article last April in Fire, a British fire service magazine. Wood found that, in the order of highest frequency, the initial actions taken by persons involved in a fire were some fire fighting efforts, calling the fire department, investigation of the fire, warning others, doing…

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