Museum Fire Destroys Early Alaskan Planes

Issue 11 and Volume 126.

Museum Fire Destroys Early Alaskan Planes When the Alaska Transportation Museum at Anchorage burned in midafternoon last September 5, plans and mementos of Alaska’s colorful flying history were destroyed. The fire, believed set by an arsonist, started shortly after 2 p.m. in a 1947 Stinson Voyager airplane. This plane was one of close to a dozen historical airplanes on display in the museumaircraft ranging from the early days of famous bush pilots such as Ben Eielson and Bob Reeves, to a display of missiles and jets in an outside yard. The fire spread rapidly to nearby planes and soon throughout the building. Most of the aircraft on display were of the wood-strut, cloth-covered variety, which contributed to the fire spreading rapidly throughout the 8000-square-foot building. There were no visitors in the museum at the time of the fire, and only two museum employees, who fled the building after notifying the…

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