Pneumatic Trouser Combats Shock

Issue 11 and Volume 126.

Pneumatic Trouser Combats Shock —Miami Fire Department photos. The emergency medical rescue division of the Miami Fire Department has been selected to test and evaluate a unique life-saving concept. Called the military anti-shock trouser (MAST), the concept is basically a pneumatic trouser that extends from just below the rib cage to the ankles. It is designed to combat the imminence of death from shock. Lieutenant Colonel Burton H. Kaplan, M.D., the MAST developer, feels that the device will be of special value to paramedics at accident scenes. During serious trauma, hemorrhage and cardiac arrest, blood circulation is reduced and much blood pools in the legs. When the trouser is placed on the patient and inflated by means of a foot pump, it exerts sufficient counter-pressure to force approximately 1000 milliliters of that blood back into the upper portion of the body, ensuring vital circulation to the heart, lungs and brain.…

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