The Round Table

Issue 11 and Volume 126.

The Round Table DEPARTMENTS More and more fire departments are providing ambulance service for their communities, but there are still some departments that, for a variety of reasons, object to this added function. If you are for ambulance service in your department, please tell us what you have done, or intend to do, to set up this service. If you are against ambulance service please tell us why. Raymond Morley, Chief, London, Ontario: The ambulance service is in the hands of private enterprise and hospital services. Legislation was passed which requires each ambulance service to be licensed. It is illegal for us to transport patients unless we are licensed too. Ambulance personnel are required to have intensive training. Incidentally they are doing a fine job. Our personnel are required to have basic first-aid training. I am not in favour of fire department take over of ambulance service. In my opinion,…

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