Issue 11 and Volume 126.

WHAT’S NEW DEPARTMENTS Manufacturers’ Products Cardiac Monitor F.I. Scott & Associates announce the Model 2700 Electrocardiophone (ECP) with additional capabilities in emergency cardiac monitoring. When placed on the patient’s chest, the 12ounce, battery-operated device detects the presence of any heart electrical activity even when no signs of pulse or respiration can be found, and produces sound pattern corresponding to the type of rhythm taking place. The major sound patterns are easily learned by paramedical personnel. Transmission of the sound over telephone or mobile radio permits convenient remote diagnosis or consultation. With appropriate accessories, a standard electrocardiogram can be printed out at the scene or at the receiving station. The ECP is particularly useful in ambulances, fire and police emergency vehicles, hospital emergency rooms, and wherever emergency first aid is administered. Ventricular fibrillation, asystole (cardiac standstill), normal (sinus) rhythm and other patterns can be identified readily. The functioning of implanted pacemakers…

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