Letters to the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 126.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Helmet Collector Aachen, West Germany I am a captain in the volunteer fire brigade in Aachen, West Germany, and a collector of fire service helmets. By now I have about 70 old and new helmets from around the world, even from Hong Kong, Tokyo and New Zealand. To enlarge my collection I would like to ask any of the fire chiefs in the United States if they could give me some obsolete helmets. Besides, I would like to know collectors in your country. Dirk Seuffert OSHA Vs. EPA Washington, D.C. Your article, “Conflict of OSHA, EPA on Fire Safety Rules Cited” in the March issue of Fire Engineering, makes it appear the requirements of two federal agencies, one concerned with workplace safety and health, the other with environmental purity, are in polar opposition. Such is not the case, nor do we find that the facts…

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