Repeater Clubs Can Ease Jam In Radio Traffic at Disasters

Issue 12 and Volume 126.

Repeater Clubs Can Ease Jam In Radio Traffic at Disasters Many fire chiefs may be unaware of the communications assistance available to their departments through amateur radio operators and their repeater clubs. Although fire chiefs may know of work done by amateur radiomen during floods and earthquakes, they may feel that the radio aid is limited to long-range communications. What they don’t realize is that the amateur radio repeater network, because of its high-frequency equipment, is mostly a local operation. Radio affiliations Many clubs are closely aligned with the Red Cross, civil defense, Civil Air Patrol and military affiliated radio service organizations in their communities. Each area of the nation has an American Radio Relay League section communications manager and section emergency coordinator. Amateur radio operators can assist in communications at major fires when mutual aid frequencies are jammed, lostchild searches, traffic control at parades and other situations depending on…

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