Safety Is Responsibility Of Company Officers

Issue 12 and Volume 126.

Safety Is Responsibility Of Company Officers DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner Although safety is everyone’s responsibility in the fire service, leaving it at that insures the accomplishment of little or nothing. First, safety must be a known objective of the chief of the fire department. That gives safety the status that will gain it some attention. Secondly, safety must be made the responsibility of company officers. That will put safety into action both on the fireground and in quarters. Hasty actions on the fireground and thoughtlessness in quarters combine to erode safety on a 24-hour-a-day basis. Basically, fire fighting is unsafe, so more than general instructions on safety are needed in the fire service. The company officer must be the enforcer. Safety on the fireground starts when the bell hits in the fire station. The company officer must take the time as he gets in the cab to make certain that…

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