From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 1 and Volume 127.

From the Publisher’s Desk What Fire Engineering Is All About Frequently, readers write in to ask where we get the fire fighting Photos that, with the exception of our IAFC Conference Issue, always adorn the cover of Fire Engineering— a practice that began way before we appeared on the scene. Well, according to our editors, they come from a lot of sources: the newspapers, amateur photographers, fire chiefs, fire fighters and fire buffs, the armed forces and the public relations offices of cities, villages and towns, not to mention counties, states and the federal government. Some photos our editors seek out, others they take themselves. (The cover on our December issue of the IAFC parade in Baltimore was taken by Dick Sylvia.) Still others show up unannounced in the mail on our editor’s desk. Most of them are black and whites, but occasionally they are in color, and less occasionally…

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