Review of Suggestions For Preventing Fires

Issue 1 and Volume 127.

Review of Suggestions For Preventing Fires Industrial Fire Safety Realizing that many of our readers are on the go night and day and do not have the time to digest all the fire protection information delivered to them, we will pick out segments of our columns printed in 1973 for their review in the hope that they will read the entire column if an excerpt pushes their interest button. February: “Brigades Need Training for Storm Emergencies” You should tour your entire plant site, going through all the buildings, at various times during the year to determine the areas subject to flooding. Plans should be made to channel or dike wind-driven water away from buildings. This applies especially to boiler rooms, power stations, fire pump houses, transformer installations and flammable tank areas, both below and aboveground. Through normal weekly inspections, or daily during times of immediate danger, special items must be…

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