Issue 2 and Volume 127.

FIRE ENGINEERING THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 Volume 127 No. 2 February 1974 IN THIS ISSUE 25 The Editor’s Opinion Page FDIC returns to Memphis 26 Radio-Controlled Mutual Aid Speeds Tornado Rescue Work County network plays vital role in getting men and equipment to disaster area 29 Amphib Converted to ‘Fireboat’ Toledo Fire Division puts 750-gpm pump on surplus cargo lighter 30 Consultant Makes Rebuttal Defending Milwaukee Report Gage Babcock executive replies to criticisms made by fire chief 32 Instructors Hear of Progress on Standards at Fall Meeting Selection of teaching methods discussed by speakers at sessions in West Virginia 34 Hydrant GPM—Gallery of Patriotic Miniatures Caricatures of historical figures brighten fire plugs in South Bend, Ind. 35 Precautions Can Avert Death in Manhole, Tunnel Rescues Supervision, communications needed in maintaining safety procedures 37 Plants With Hazards to Spare Oil refinery and chemical facilities have many…

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