Plants With Hazards to Spare

Issue 2 and Volume 127.

Plants With Hazards to Spare The oil refinery and the chemical plant are two of the occupancies that represent every facet of a fire fighter’s nightmare. In these occupancies are such traps as unprotected steel supports, chlorine and hydrogen in both high-temperature ignition sources and high-pressure/high-temperature processing units. All of these plants, by the nature of their business, must handle materials in bulk, which means that most have unprotected truck and/or rail loading racks, pipeline terminals usually supported by unprotected steel, or large high-hazard warehouses for solid materials and liquids up to drum-size containers. At the same time, undiked and poorly drained aboveground tanks are usually present in abundance to complicate exposure protection. And the workhorses of the industry are not limited to solids and liquids. The gases have their place and must be handled differently, even though a large percentage of them are actually processed in the liquid state.…

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