80-Hour Basic Program Developed in Kentucky

Issue 3 and Volume 127.

80-Hour Basic Program Developed in Kentucky The Fire Service Training Program in Kentucky has instituted an 80-hour basic skills training program. This change was made after the reorganization of the old Firemen’s Training Program, which had only two full-time personnel. The staff now consists of seven senior instructors, 50 field instructors, one supervisor, and the director of the Public Service Occupations Unit, which includes the Fire Service Training Program. The 80-hour program is divided into 20-hour units. At the end of each unit, performance objectives and a written test are administered. When the 80 hours are completed, a final examination is administered as well as unit performance objectives. Generally, classes comprise at least enough individuals from various fire department to evaluate group performance through teamwork, etc. The skills program is based on four principles of our philosophy of fire service education: program flexibility to meet the students’ needs, learning by…

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