Fireman-Artist Paints Chicago Fire Mural

Issue 3 and Volume 127.

Fireman-Artist Paints Chicago Fire Mural It s been a lot brighter around Anaheim, Calif.’s fire headquarters for the past few weeks, and most of it is due to the work of Cliff Gamble, full-time fireman and part-time frustrated artist. Gamble’s 20-square-foot mural of the tragic 1871 Chicago fire has caused considerable comment, mostly favorable, since it was placed on the station’s walls in January. “A lot of other stations have had pictures, but at headquarters we have always been lacking something,” Gamble said, relating that the beige walls surrounded by traditional firehouse brick, somewhat resemble early jailhouses. The bare walls began to disappear a while back when a fire truck accidentally backed up and ran over a pumpstyle fire extinguisher. Soon it was up on the wall with a frame around it— partly because of its unusual shape, and partly, as Gamble puts it, “because everything is put out for…

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