Use Breathing Apparatus, Your Life Can Depend on It

Issue 3 and Volume 127.

Use Breathing Apparatus, Your Life Can Depend on It Departments The Volunteers Corner If you can take a heavy feed of smoke and still fight fire—don’t. The small amount of research done on the effects of smoke inhaled by fire fighters indicates that the less smoke you take, the happier your body will be. Although we frequently hear warnings about the lethal gases evolved by burning plastics, scientists in both the United States and Great Britain have found that our old foe—carbon monoxide—is still the primary hazard for fire fighters. It is possible for you to die of carbon monoxide in a fire before the more exotic lethal gases are released by fire temperatures higher than those needed for the generation of CO. Blood samples taken from fire fighters have shown measurable amounts of carbon monoxide after run-of-the mill class A fires and a buildup of CO in the blood…

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