How to Protect Fuel Tanks At Closed Service Stations

Issue 3 and Volume 127.

How to Protect Fuel Tanks At Closed Service Stations Departments Industrial Fire Safety The effects of the energy crisis can be seen in the growing number of closed service stations. When a service station closes, we must think about the underground tanks and the dangers they may present to children, workers and the general public. When these gasoline or diesel fuel stations were built, the tanks and their installation had to meet national, state or local fire codes, which include safety rules applying to tanks that are temporarily out of service, abandoned in ground, or removed from the ground. The temporarily out-of-service tank could, in many cases, be the most potentially dangerous one because the liquid content could be small and the gas, or vapor, volume large. Basic safeguards include making certain the vent line is clear and open to air and preventing vandalism by capping the full line at…

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