From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 3 and Volume 127.

From the Publisher’s Desk Departments Keeping Up With the Shortages It’s getting pretty hard to keep up with the latest shortage among the shortages but, of course, gasoline comes readily to mind. Washington tells us that the emergency services will never lack for gas and we hope this is true. The volunteer fire departments could not survive without the gasoline that each fire fighter needs to get him to a fire in his own private car. And when you consider that there are about a million volunteers—that’s a lot of gas. The crude oil that gasoline is derived from also fills other needs that a fire department requires to function well. The synthetic yarns that make our fire hose starts out as “crude” and winds up on the bed of a pumper through the magic of the petro-chemical industry. This same industry provides the tires on which the pumper rides.…

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