Manufacturers’ Products

Issue 4 and Volume 127.

Manufacturers’ Products DEPARTMENTS WHAT’S NEW Status Reporting System A status reporting system for twoway vehicle radios from Coded Communications Corp. provides instant transmittal of routine and emergency messages from vehicle to dispatcher without use of voice. The digital communications system identifies all voice transmissions and makes it possible for a vehicle operator to instantly report a change in status or an emergency condition by pushing a button. Exact status of the vehicle is automatically updated and continuously displayed on a video monitor screen for the dispatcher. When a request for fire apparatus is received, the status display informs the dispatcher which ones are available. Up to eight messages can be contained in the vehicle sending unit. As many as 2048 vehicles are handled in a single system with 64 displayed on the video monitor screen at any one time. Circle No. 30 on Reader Service Card Turnout Coat A turnout…

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