Death Rate in Homes Makes Fire Prevention Live Issue

Issue 4 and Volume 127.

Death Rate in Homes Makes Fire Prevention Live Issue DEPARTMENTS Industrial Fire Safety Over these many years, our columns have concentrated on discussions of fire prevention and protection problems and standards and recommendations for alleviating hazards in industrial facilities. However, from time to time we have explored residential fire safety, realizing that home is the most dangerous place in the world from both an accident and fire hazard viewpoint. Where do we spend most of our hours out of 24? Taking 10 hours out of the 24 for travel and work, that leaves 14 hours spent in a residence, whatever it might be. How are we protected from fire at work and at home? By fire departments, both paid and volunteer.Most industrial plants have fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems, hose stations, some fire detection systems, and central station water-flow connections. Some have a trained fire brigade and an educational program.…

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