The Round Table

Issue 5 and Volume 127.

The Round Table Specialized rescue companies are a luxury that only the larger fire departments can afford. Yet, the smaller departments, taken as a whole, respond to a greater number of rescue incidents than the larger—and they must take action. What provisions—apparatus, tools, manpower, and training—have you made to cope with such rescue incidents as vehicular accidents and cave-ins? John G. Toledo, Chief, Silver City, N.M.: We use a station wagon to perform all necessary emergency first aid and rescue work. Our rescue unit responds to all requests concerning illness, accidents, or injuries. All personnel are trained in advanced first aid. We operate with six men per shift and we serve an area of approximately 12,000 people. Two men respond on all calls. One EMT graduate is assigned to make rescue calls on each shift. Our rescue unit is limited to major rescue work. On major accidents a pumper responds…

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