Youths May Serve as Pennsylvania Volunteers

Issue 6 and Volume 127.

Youths May Serve as Pennsylvania Volunteers Changes in Pennsylvania state law have greatly increased the types of service that can be performed by youths in the volunteer fire service. Minors 17 and 18, who have completed training in a standard course for basic fire fighting, may engage in fire fighting activities under direction of an experienced line officer. Minors 14 to 16 years of age may take part in training sessions, first aid, food service at the fire scene, and assist in cleanup activities at the fire outside of structure. Those under 18 cannot drive fire trucks. Many fire companies have had successful junior fire departments for years. The changes in the law widens the range of the tasks they can perform. For the first time, the Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s Association will have a separate program of activities for junior fire department members at its 81st annual convention in Somerset,…

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