O’Hagan’s Report on Sao Paulo Fires

Issue 7 and Volume 127.

O’Hagan’s Report on Sao Paulo Fires DEPARTMENTS From the Publisher’s Desk Quite a few readers have written in asking us why we haven’t run anything on the high-rise fires in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Well, it is pretty hard to write up a fire that happened some 8000 miles away. Newspaper stories—and we had them all—are frequently inadequate and erroneous, and written by people who lacked the knowledge and, more importantly, the feel for fire fighting. Happily, our problem was solved a couple of months back by Commissioner John T. O’Hagan of the New York City Fire Department who called up Jim Casey and asked him if he would be interested in a first-hand account of the Andraus and Joelma high-rise holocausts that occurred in February of 1972 and 1974. To say that Jim was interested would be putting it mildly. It seems that the commissioner was part of a team…

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