FCC Allocates UHF Bands For Medical Services Use

Issue 8 and Volume 127.

FCC Allocates UHF Bands For Medical Services Use The Federal Communications Commission has established a medical services category in the special emergency radio service. Among other things, the rules changes that became effective August 15 provide additional channels for bio-medical telemetry operations and other medical operations. The new category authorizes licensing and operation of medical radio communications systems to provide medical care to the public. In addition to hospitals, the expanded eligibility provisions includes physicians, ambulance operators, facilities such as public health organizations, nursing homes and other institufrequenctions and organizations that provide medical services. The additional ies allocated are primarily in the 450-470 MHz UHF band. Two frequency pairs are allocated at 460/465 MHz for dispatch and common calling or mutual aid communications. There are three frequency pairs at 463/468 MHz that are available primarily for bio-medical telemetry operations and secondarily for other medical requirements. Five additional frequency pairs at…

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