How to Obtain HEW Grants For Emergency Medical Aid

Issue 8 and Volume 127.

How to Obtain HEW Grants For Emergency Medical Aid Regulations covering applications for federal grants for emergency medical services systems have been put into effect by the Public Health Service of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The grant program, authorized by the Emergency Medical Services Systems Act of 1973, emphasizes the need to integrate proposed emergency medical services projects with existing state, regional or local programs and facilities. Grants are authorized for feasibility studies and the planning of emergency medical services systems, for their establishment and initial operation, and for expansion and improvement. In putting the regulations into effect July 1, Theodore Cooper, HEW acting assistant secretary for health, pointed out that the thrust of the program was “to provide incentive payments for the development of a comprehensive and integrated system with maximum reliance for funding placed on acquisition of funds and resources under other federal…

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