Trauma M.D. Bemoans Emergency Care

Issue 8 and Volume 127.

Trauma M.D. Bemoans Emergency Care The American who suffers accidental death and disability is the “forgotten man” in health care services, according to Dr. Curtis P. Artz, Charleston, S.C., president of the American Trauma Society. “Every citizen is entitled to fast and effective emergency medical services,” he said, “and yet thousands of Americans succumb needlessly each year to accidents on highways or at home. “Worse, perhaps, are many others who live on impaired for life because of inadequate—or totally absent— care in the first critical hour.” Speaking at the society’s annual meeting in Chicago, Dr. Artz, chairman, department of surgery, Medical University of South Carolina, said the situation is “especially disgraceful because, unlike some other health problems, the solution is already known.” The life-support means to save the trauma patient, he said, are “not mysteries locked in a research laboratory. “Medicine knows the answers, and it’s only a matter of…

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