Evaluating Foam Characteristics

Issue 9 and Volume 127.

Evaluating Foam Characteristics Staff Photos The characteristics of foam extinguishing agents and the conditions for which each is best suited were discussed at a seminar conducted at the Howard County, Md., facility of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. In evaluating the relative efficiency of fluoroprotein foam and aqueous film-forming foam, two speakers agreed that they preferred to use fluoroprotein foam on fires in petroleum product storage tanks. They also recommended subsurface injection of fluoroprotein foam to extinguish tank fires. The two speakers were Norman R. Lockwood of the Mobil Oil Corporation and Don N. Meldrum, president pf National Foam System, Inc. In recommending subsurface foam injection, Lockwood said that a high back pressure foam maker should be used. ‘He added that Mobil buys such foam makers with check valves to prevent the tank back pressure from moving any of the petroleum product back into extinguishing equipment lines. Foam…

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