Easily Made Tool Removes Plywood Sealing Windows

Issue 9 and Volume 127.

Easily Made Tool Removes Plywood Sealing Windows Most urban fire departments have encountered the plywood-covered windows which are so difficult to remove when the building becomes involved in fire. These are quite common in urban-renewal areas. They are especially troublesome when they are above the ground floor and the men must work from ladders. On a recent trip, Chiefs Aide Chris Stinger observed some construction workers using a simple device which facilitated the removal of the plywood window covers. A sample was made in our repair shop and tested during training sessions. It proved to be so efficient that we have now supplied each of our ladder companies with one of these “Stinger tools.” Inexpensive and easy to make, the tool consists of a piece of 5/8-inch steel rod, 15 inches long, tapered to a point at one end. A small ring is welded to the middle of the rod.…

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