Golf Carts at Parade Solve Fire Safety Problem to a T

Issue 9 and Volume 127.

Golf Carts at Parade Solve Fire Safety Problem to a T Four golf carts manned by fire fighters and equipped with resuscitators and fire extinguishing appliances provided all the protection needed when downtown San Rafael, Calif., was blocked off from traffic for the city’s Centennial Parade that attracted more than 70,000 spectators. One hundred years ago the City of San Rafael began and, as most cities of that era, its fire department was manned by volunteers using handdrawn carts. Today, things have changed somewhat. Fire Chief Robert Marcucci has 90 paid men under his command, in addition to a full complement of motorized fire apparatus. The city’s centennial celebration was to be the biggest event to happen for the past 100 years, according to City Manager William Bielser’s centennial committee. A full week of celebrative activities, including tours of public facilities, concerts, musicals and costumed citizens, was to be topped…

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