High-Rise Fire Statistics Gathered By Canadian Chiefs

Issue 10 and Volume 127.

High-Rise Fire Statistics Gathered By Canadian Chiefs From a survey of 1907 high-rise fires, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs has developed some statistics that it feels will support requests for changes in building codes and indicate areas where fire prevention efforts should be increased. The survey covered a total of 2691 high-rise buildings in Canada. According to the survey, made through the circulation of a questionnaire sent to Canadian chiefs, the lower the floor, the more likely it is to be the point of ignition. There were 769 fires that started in basements, 714 on the first to sixth floors, 228 on the seventh to 12th floors, 179 on the 13th to 20th floors, and 17 on the 21st to 40th floors. No fires were reported on higher floors. Smoke traveled most frequently up garbage chutes. The other means of travel, in order of declining frequency, were stairwells, elevator…

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