Antique Apparatus Shine at Musters Reviving Old Days

Issue 10 and Volume 127.

Antique Apparatus Shine at Musters Reviving Old Days Staff Correspondent As shown by the equipment parade at Baltimore’s 1973 IAFC convention, nothing quite catches the public eye like a fire engine—especially one of ancient vintage which looks like new. Such restoration of old apparatus is the specialty of an unusual fire buff group. This is SPAAMFAA, the “Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America.” Founded in 1958, SPAAMFAA now boasts 1100 members in a dozen regional chapters throughout the United States. Many members own their own old apparatus, from hose wagons to aerials, often of makes and types not seen in this country for half a century. Some individuals own dozens of units. SPAAMFAA members or groups have supported, or established, several fullscale apparatus museums. Notable is the Hall of Fame of Phoenix, Ariz., containing 70 rigs, and the Fire Museum of Maryland, just…

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