California Develops Fire Safety Rules For New High-Rises

Issue 10 and Volume 127.

California Develops Fire Safety Rules For New High-Rises Capitol News Service Several years ago, a heavy power demand shut off all electrical power to a large area of the East Coast. With elevators inoperative, those persons who were working or living in high-rise structures found that they could not evacuate the building. It was just impossible, physically, to walk down the long flights of stairs. In a recent fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 179 people were killed because the exits were blocked by fire and smoke. Could this happen in California? If State Fire Marshal Albert E. Hole has his way, it will not happen there. Recent state legislation charged the fire marshal with the responsibility of establishing fire safety regulations for the protection of life in all buildings more than 75 feet in height. Regulations relating to new construction are now in effect. Existing building requirements will be adopted…

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