Houston ECG Telemetry System

Issue 11 and Volume 127.

Houston ECG Telemetry System Quick, accurate diagnosis and therapy in the first critical minutes of an emergency is saving lives in Houston, Texas, thanks to Telecare, an emergency medical system permitting radio supervision of cardiac, shock and trauma patients by a doctor miles away. “We have documented many cases where lives have been saved by the Telecare system and that’s just in the first few months of limited operation,” said Chief L.O. Martin, head of the Houston Fire Department’s emergency ambulance program. By mid-1974, all of the Houston Fire Department’s 23 ambulance companies will have Telecare capability and Martin hopes to eventually reduce the mortality rate in the department’s 4300 response calls per month by as much as one third. Developed by SCI Systems, Inc. of Houston, and employing General Electric two-way radio and SCI telemetry communications, the compact 40-pound Telecare unit is an outgrowth of technology derived from NASA’s…

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