PTI Gets Grant to Assist In Planning EMS Systems

Issue 11 and Volume 127.

PTI Gets Grant to Assist In Planning EMS Systems A grant has been awarded to Public Technology, Inc., of Washington, D.C., to provide a technical assistance program for communities that are planning or improving emergency medical services systems. Working with PTI under the grant provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the Center for the Study of Emergency Health Services at the University of Pennsylvania. The objective of the program will be to offer technical assistance that will help communities solve their EMS problems by using their own resources and personnel. It is felt that this approach will better enable communities to tackle future EMS problems while solving their present one. PTI is prepared to provide on-site technical assistance, phone consultation, written materials and suggest specific materials relating to communications, training, organization and financing. Information about the program can be obtained from Steven Sacks, EMS-TAP, Public Technology, Inc., 1140…

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