Blast Rips Tanker Apart at Dock

Issue 11 and Volume 127.

Blast Rips Tanker Apart at Dock An explosion aboard the tanker Elias that was carrying 216,000 barrels of crude oil, ripped the ship into three parts, demolished the pier it was tied to and spread blazing oil on the Delaware River adjacent to Fort Mifflin Terminal and the Philadelphia International Airport. Casualties of the blast, which occurred last April 9, included one dead, 14 injured and 11 missing. The Elias, a 650-foot, 60,000-ton tanker of Greek registry, had docked at the Arco Fort Miffln Terminal on Monday afternoon, April 8, and began discharging a cargo of 216,000 barrels of oil taken on at LaSalina, Venezuela. The oil was a heavy crude intended for use in making asphalt. It had discharged all but about 13,000 barrels of the oil when at 9:50 p.m. it blew up without warning. The first tremendous blast was quickly followed by a second that sent a…

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