Car Door Locks Opened Quickly With Air Chisel

Issue 11 and Volume 127.

Car Door Locks Opened Quickly With Air Chisel Releasing auto door latches, designed to withstand a load of 4000 pounds or more, is a quick and simple operation with a compressed-air chisel, we have found in the Middletown, N.Y., Division of Fire. The air chisel we use is specifically designed for rescue work. It operates with air regulated at 225 psi that is taken from breathing apparatus cylinders. There are different designs on the market, but I prefer the cutting chisel that moves freely in the chuck and will rotate 360 degrees. The first step in releasing a front door is to cut about a 12-inch-square hole just below the door handle. This exposes the safety lock assembly. Now you can reach in and try to release the safety lock assembly. If you can’t release the latch, you will have to do more cutting. The exact spot to cut the…

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