Letters to the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 127.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS On Handicaps Petersham, Mass. As a handicapped person who has the use of only one arm, I read with great interest in the July 1974 issue of Fire Engineering about the accomplishments of John Gottschalk of the Ogontz Volunteer Company in Cheltenham Township, Pa. It is good that a person like Chief Washington does not let a person’s handicap add another handicap by reminding him that he cannot do it because he cannot hear. I hope that the article will open the eyes of others who repeatedly say, “You have a handicap and I don’t think you can do it.” Only the person with the problem knows what he can or cannot do. I hope this letter will get into the hands of the powers that be so that perhaps more handicapped people can find gainful employment in the fire service. Paul N. LaPointe Thanks…

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