So. African Fireman Wins Benjamin Franklin Award

Issue 1 and Volume 128.

So. African Fireman Wins Benjamin Franklin Award Fire Fighter Gert Bronkhorst of the Boksburg Fire Department became the first South African fire fighter to receive the International Benjamin Franklin Fire Service Award for Valor. The award, which is the highest award for valor in the fire service, is sponsored jointly by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc. It was presented by Former Chief Lawrence L. Kenney of Miami, Fla., past president of the IAFC, as part of the biannual convention of the South African Fire Service Institute. The award recognized Bronkhorst for his 1973 rescue of a 16-year-old boy from an abandoned gold mine. The boy, Lancelot Clulee, and a companion were spelunking around the fenced, 70-year-old mine when Clulee decided to lower himself by rope down into the open shaft. Suddenly the rope broke and Clulee dropped almost 100 feet, landing on a…

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