Fire Fighters Receive Police Valor Awards

Issue 1 and Volume 128.

Fire Fighters Receive Police Valor Awards Two Ridgefield, N.J., volunteer fire fighters received police valor medals for their heroic actions in saving the life of a Ridgefield patrolman during the apprehension and arrest of a mugger last July. The medals and certificates were presented to Fire Fighters Patrick Burke and Ernest Stephan of Ladder Co. 1 by Police Chief Thomas P. Mulligan. Burke and Stephan participated in a neighborhood search for a male mugger suspect who had shortly before assaulted a middle-aged woman as she returned home from work. The fire fighters spotted and apprehended the perpetrator as police cars arrived on the scene. As they turned the man over to a Ridgefield patrolman, the suspect suddenly yanked the officer’s gun from its holster and threatened to kill him with it. Ignoring their own safety, Burke and Stephan distracted the gunman who fired two shots that missed. In the ensuing…

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