Sprinklers Protect High-Rack Warehouse

Issue 2 and Volume 128.

Sprinklers Protect High-Rack Warehouse Features Fire protection in the new high-rack warehouse of Nabisco, Inc., is provided by a zoned deluge sprinkler system. The system, designed by Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Company, Inc., is engineered to put water on the fire in its early stages through rapid detection. The use of zones limits the area of water application in the event of a fire. The Nabisco production plant, which opened last October in Henrico County, Va., just outside Richmond, includes one of the largest high-rack warehouses in the country. The highrack storage area is 425 X 80 feet with a basically flat roof 75 feet high. The four double racks (with provision for a fifth) are each 381 feet long by 68 feet high. There is a 6-foot aisle between racks. The back-to-back racks have a sheet metal baffle separating them to contain heat and water spray. Automatic detection vital…

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