Letters to the Editor

Issue 2 and Volume 128.

Letters to the Editor Departments Large-Size Hose Underhill, Vt.: I too would like to compliment Chief Paul A. Leach for his article (July Fire Engineering) regarding his use of 4-inch supply hose and 2-inch attack lines with constant pressure nozzles. But I would like to take issue with Captain Warren E. Isman’s letter in the September issue which stated that six hours is all that is required to teach fireground hydraulics. Rural water supply is tricky, with no two fires the same, roads and bridges for tanker operations limited, fickle brooks and ponds, not to mention equipment small enough to be agile and cranky in subzero temperatures. My point is: A pump operator must make the best use of the available water which is very often irratic to say the least, and simplifying pressure requirements lets the operator concentrate on his supply problems which is often a large order. To…

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