The Book Shelf

Issue 2 and Volume 128.

The Book Shelf Departments STRATEGIC CONCEPTS IN FIRE FIGHTING, Edward P. McAniff; McAniff Associates, Inc., 209-22 – 27th Avenue, Bayside, N. Y. 11360; 374 pages, $14.75. Case histories of fires are used to explain the various fire fighting strategies described in this book by a former chief of department of the New York Fire Department. As the title promises, this is a book filled with strategic concepts of fire fighting and in it you will find the information that can improve your capability as a fireground commander. As a company officer or a fire fighter, you will gain insight into your part in the overall fireground strategy. Fires in various types of buildings, from one and two-family residences to churches and manufacturing buildings, are described in terms of the strategies used. Questions are asked after each description of a fire and the initial attack. Then the answers to the questions…

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