Ohio Lab Devoted to Analysis of Arson Clues

Issue 4 and Volume 128.

Ohio Lab Devoted to Analysis of Arson Clues features What is believed to be the first laboratory in the world devoted to the analysis of arson and bombing evidence was dedicated in Columbus, Ohio, on May 10, 1974 by Governor John J. Gilligan. In announcing its availability to law enforcement agencies throughout the state, Governor Gilligan noted the enormous losses due to arson and bombings in Ohio. In 1970, 7800 cases of arson resulted in damage and destruction costing over $7 million and 200 bombings costing $2 million. Convictions for these two crimes were difficult to get. All too often, when local law enforcement officials were able to salvage evidence from a fire that might lead to a suspect, they did not have access to the sophisticated and expensive equipment necessary to analyze the evidence. The only place they could turn was the state crime laboratory, which was so swamped…

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